Syrian girl spreads joy on Montreal streets

جريدة المهاجر the migrant
The Migrant – Montreal: Only One month after her Syrian family’s arrival in Montreal, “Raddaah Shoaib Kanadil”, fourteen years old, couldn’t wait longer before she had started a kind of odd and daring journey to Montreal downtown’s gardens and streets, where she hand out a scraps of papers to passersby, a handwritten in English and French, saying: “I do not know you. Have a happy day!! Smile”.

The vast majority of people, who have seen her or have read the beautiful scraps of papers, which she was handout, they responded positively to her full of joy and kindness invitation, and reciprocated her cordial and smile.

In an interview with “The Migrant”, “Raddaah Kanadil” stated: “At first, people were surprised at what I was doing and they did not accept it… Some thought I was handing out commercial leaflets or the like, but the majority accepted the idea and their reaction was positive… I did not ask them, but to smile and that is what I want, to see people happy in their lives despite all the concerns they are going through”.

She adds: “Making people laugh, and see the smile on their faces makes me very happy, and happier to be the cause of this smile and to help even for a moment to relieve the down and out of their lives… I think that God has granted me a great positive energy, which I want to share with others”.

 “Raddaah” sees herself as being different from the others, which seems in her daring, the way she talks and the abundance of her thoughts filled with passion and love of experimentation, that is what motivated her to write a complete book, and intends to publish it in the future, she says in this regard, “I kicked the idea of being a duplicate of others off my thoughts, and implanted the idea of being different. We’ve never realized that actual age is the mental age. Thanks God I was a child with an adult mind not the other way around”.

“Raddaah” believes that the wisdom of life, is to give more than what we expected to receive, she intends to engage in volunteer work in Canada, and will pursue her studies to be specialized in the future in the field of psychology.

As much this girl surprises the person talking to her, she makes you feel that she will be not only the pride of her father, “Mr. Shoaib Kanadil” and her mother, “Mrs. Amal Beiris”, but of whoever getting to know her and every new immigrant living a dreams, wants to be achieved them with all he has of the love and will.
If Canada as a country, been reciprocated with “Raddaah”, by writing her a scraps of paper, it would write with no hesitation: “Canada smiles at you and the people like you are!”.

By Kameel Nasrawi


جريدة المهاجر the migrant
the authormigrant
‏‎Kamil Nasrawi‎‏

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