About us

The mission of The Migrant newspaper is very simple, to be number one online, print for Syrian, Canadian Arabs, and Arabs newcomers, by helping them to settle in Canada successfully.
We try to focus on the success stories of the Arabs in Canada because of their influence and inspiration for others to integrate into society and achieve their own successes.
We, as Syrian newcomers, with our education and skills, trying to share them with Canadian society and to be operative in it.
We trying to give back to this government and this wonderful people, who welcomed and support us to remake our lives. We are here to be contributing member of the Canadian society.

Founder @ editor in chief
Kameel  Nasrawi

Wael  Badawi

Vicki Brookes
Mohamed Fetiah

Ara Margos
Arij  Alrachid

Production artist
Myriam  Mistrih

Malak  Esmandar

Satanay  Barsbay